He isn't "chasing me"... So Is there any harm in me asking him out?

I met a guy through a manager at work... It's his friend... I only chatted to him briefly but he was really nice and cute and I like him 😊
After that I asked the manager who his cute friend was... And he said that he asked about me too and said I was "tidy". Lol...
Soooo I put my big girl pants on and I added him on fb on sat, sent him a message Sunday and we have been chatting... He sent the last message on Sunday but it was a statement, not a question so I left it at that... Anyways I want to ask him out... Is it too soon/too keen?

People always say, "a guy will ask u out if he is keen." But I was talking to another girl who knows him and she reckons he is keen he is just shy as...

But because he's so nice, I'm not sure if he's keen or just being polite... Plus he has only been single a few months... But I don't see the harm in me asking him if he wants to go out for a drink... what do u think?


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  • No harm at all! Gender roles have changed, so it is no longer a man's job to always make the first move. If yoy believe he isn't proceeding the way you want, just ask him out.

    By the way, 'chasing' a woman is deeply decrimental to a man's self esteem. Approaching a woman is fine, but no man with even an ounce of self respect would 'chase' women.


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  • I say ask him out, the two of you don't work together so it won't be awkward if he isn't interested and he could also yes so just do it.


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  • Ask him out. Not everyone is confident enough to ask out the people they like.

  • Ask him, ask him, ask him !!!
    Good luck


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