Does he like me now?

So I have a best friend (girl) Ally* and her other friend (boy) Ben*. So at first Ally* and Ben* are close friends for 1 month before he met me. The day he met me, Ben asked me out through Ally, but I said no... within two weeks of asking me out, he asked Ally to go steady and now they are dating. I don't know if this is joking or not but he once said to Ally (which she joked to me) "if I'm not with you, I would've fallen for *AngelWink* (me)". She has also recounted numerous times to me that Ben likes me as Ally's best friend and now we are going to a road trip for a whole day. Would it be a weird situation with the three of us and should I bail? Also, does he like me? I'm confused.


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  • He must have but now probably not cuz he's with ur BFF and I think you should go

    • Really? Wouldn't you feel that would be awkward? I'd basically be somewhat of the third wheel

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