Only girls much younger than me seem to like me?

This isn't to say I dont get interest from girls my age but a lot more girls younger than me like 15/16 seem to like me (I'm 19). Why is this?


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  • Oh wow you're very good looking but maybe it's because you're very young once you hit 20 I think older girls like guys in their 20's+, I'm 29 I would been a cougar if I bang you

    • Ah I see, so how do I stop grils that are too young for me liking me, can I scare them off somehow haha

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    • I mean getting involved like dating them then

    • Oh yeah if they were younger than 16 I wouldn't date them and if they are younger then 18 Id probs make sure there parents are okay with it

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  • That's just normal I guess.. Girls go for older guys

    • Whats the appeal of an older guy?

    • Well they are usually more experienced and established. Smarter and less childish just more firm and dependable

  • That's how it goes well here girls like older guys well not tooooooo old but it's normal.


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