Would anyone take a guy seriously if he complained about sexual harassment at work?

2 years ago, I got in trouble for asking a girl out at work. We got along so well, so I thought we should catch up after work. She and her friends lodged a complaint saying that she felt sexually harassed because I had asked her out, thereby "breaching professional boundaries". I only asked her once and it was just for a game of pool and a bite. My supervisor told me that they were very disappointed in me and to never repeat that again.

Now, at a different work place, guess what? I have a lot of women asking me if I'm single. Even if I ignore their question the first time, they'll ask me again maybe a day later. They also tell me about how their friend thinks I'm very good looking and how we should go out for dinner. I told them that I'm not interested in mixing business with pleasure (thanks to my past experience), but they persist on trying to get me to date them.
Would anyone take me seriously if I alleged sexual harassment?


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  • Your job should seeing as you can sue them if they ignore it.


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  • I find what happened to you in your previous job outrageous, and I really, really don't think you should emulate the behavior of your former colleagues by lodging a complaint.

    Be the bigger man. Take these current advances for what they are: a natural and fairly innocent expression of attraction from people you are spending a lot of time with.

    • That one incident nearly ended my career. My supervisor would bring it up during every performance meeting and told other managers about it too. It's the worst thing a woman can do to a man in a professional setting. Because of that bad experience, and having understood the potency of the scenario the hard way, I've decided that it's best to avoid dating coworkers. It's easy for them to make allegations against you if they turn against you for the stupidest reason. Things are effed up if you're a man.

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  • You are right not to mix business with pleasure. You are lucky that you did not suffer lasting damage.

    I recommend just ignoring these women. Keep saying the same thing: you don't want to mix business with pleasure. Eventually, they will get bored.


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