Why is he postphoning the relationship?

So this guy seems very into me. He says and does all the cute stuff, we act like a couple but we are not. I think he knows that i love him because he's always like "i won't ever date anyone i have got you!" It makes me MAD and confused, im not his anything why does he say this? Is it friendzoning but it doesn't feel like it at all plus he sometimes says that im out of his league. Im in senior year and he is a senior in university. I thought maybe is he waiting for me to finish school at least? There's a 4 year age difference between us. I tried talking to him about it but he plays dumb so i just close the topic before even getting it started..


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  • I know this guy, both of us are 17
    He doesn't date because he isn't into"dating" we act like couples, make out and do everything.. I know the feeling that is like " We are inlove, why dont we date? Why do you make me attach to you?"
    My advice is, if you love him so much, and he also loves you, its worth waiting.. But make sure not to loose him, he's a university guy and they could easily find the girl..
    So if you love him and your sure he's the one, wait for it but don't get too attached to him.
    Best of luck!

    • Yea thats us exactly :/ i will wait but when im sure nothing is worth anymore i will leave, i need to have a life i won't be waiting around for some fantasy

    • Correct, you will find someone who loves you and won't postpone anything..

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