I like a guy I just met?

(basic story warning haha) so this guy added me on facebook recently, we were talking non stop for two days, I went downtown with some girlfriends and he also happened to be downtown at another bar, he told me to stop by and have a few drinks because he was really up to meeting me, so I left my friends around 2am and went over to meet him, we talked all night, he was very attentive to me and we laughed a lot, I'd say we got along very well, then randomly he looked at me and said he wanted to kiss me really bad, so I let him, I pulled away and told him I had to go to the bathroom, once I came back we continued to kiss, a lot. I was kinda hesitant because of course this was our first time meeting, when I left he was texting me saying how he just wanted to keep kissing me, asking if he could pick me up during the week to continue doing so, the next morning he texted me apologizing if i thought he was weird but it was just so tempting to him. we met up a few days later, he bought me ice cream and we walked around some street shops, then went for pizza. My mom picked me up from the bar we were at since he waited until she came to get me, so he asked me what my mom thought of him and I told him she thought he was cool and he was happy, we joked a lot through dinner and he didn't pull any moves on me at all. And we're getting together again Friday for dinner and a movie, but are drunk words really sober thoughts? He told me at dinner he had about 12 beers stretched out through the night (10pm-3am).. I mean we do talk every day but I get very insecure I guess, I just don't want to end up liking someone who doesn't like me back.


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  • just give it more time then. its not impossible that you two can really like each other so quick, genuinely, but keep your wits about you and give it more time. he hasn't really done enough to prove himself yet.


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  • It seems like he's following his words through with actions. So have fun but be wary and don't do things you normally wouldn't too soon. Have fun but keep the reminder in the back of your head.


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  • In my opinion stunt words are more of then sober thoughts. It sounds like this guy does in fact like you a little more than you realize , or care to acknowledge


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