Why do I miss my cheating ex girlfriend?

My ex girlfriend left me for her old boyfriend. I was her rebound, but i loved her so much. But now i have this terrible thought every single night when i go to bed. I think, here i am, alone, staring at the ceiling, thinking about her, and missing her. While she on the other hand is probably getting plowed till her brains fall out from this guy, and she's loving every single second of it. I fucking hate that.

How pathetic is that. I'm alone, she got what she wanted out of me, cheated on me with him but also cheated on him with me without me knowing lol. Seems like she's getting it all and im still fucking alone crying about all this. I can't even look at chicks the same way because im still so in love with her.. Anyone else have this?
Guess i gotta move on..
Its been 3 weeks and its killing me..


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  • It's okay to feel that way, it's not pathetic. I felt that way when my ex cheated, I was honestly less hurt by the cheating than I was just hurt that our relationship was over because I loved him so much. It's hard to recover after something like this, especially if you loved her, but you have to find a way to get over her. Everyone moves on in their own way, you just need to find yours.


What Guys Said 1

  • Easy. You find a new girlfriend.


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