Guys or girl, how do you make someone feel that you have moved on?

I want this girl to think that I have moved on. I am still interested in her, but I want her feel that she WANTS to chase me again. I feel like her interest has fizzled. She seem to stopped making an effort. I want to know how girls get crazy for you again.
By the way she from another country


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  • You must not really like her all that much if you're willing to risk losing her by playing games

    If her interest fizzled that's either because she is actually not interested
    or you started ignoring her/communicating less and made her insecure about your intentions. If I feel a guy is not that in to me, I just bail before it hurts.
    The right thing to do if you want her, is to chase her!
    Most of us are looking for that man that makes us feel wanted.

    • I have tried that with this girl. She been through surgery and depression so far. I have given her space and been supportive. She recent posted on Facebook a relationship change to in a relationship. To whom, I do not know. She has closed off the entire world to her. She was appericate all my kind words but so elusive. She was so happy and was chasing me. I started chasing her and she stopped texting me at lower frequency. I want to create anticipation. We were intimate and started kinda fast in person. I have since slowed down. But you girls are so hard to figure out. I am resorting to this because I don't know what else to do to get this girls attention again.

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    • over time I go back and forth a hundred times between
      'Fuck it, I'm happy, just let it happen' and 'Oh he doesn't like me, fuck it, I'm out'

      All of this gets fixed by one thing: Him not giving up when I'm elusive and eventually telling me he wants me. Him becoming the chaser.
      But most guys don't get that straight forward, and eventually I get fed up and don't care anymore when they waited too long. I just tell myself it's 'self-respect' and move on.

      Clue to the story: talk about it. No games. Just ask.

    • Sound advice! She been doing 99% of what you were say. Do I need to be more resent to text her? I sent her a text after Easter . I was trying to pull her out to talk to me. What should I say in my text to get her to come out with it? She into fast stuff and intense situations.

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  • First of all, at age 30-35 you are way too old to be playing this game. This is how little boys behave, not men.

    Second of all, man up. If you like a girl, make it very clearly known to her in what you say and how you treat her. Why would she be interested in you at all if you show a disinterest in her?

    Genetically speaking, girls don't like chasing. We like being pursued because it shows us that you think we are worth the effort.

    If you confront her and let her know you want something serious, she will accept if she wants that too. If not, then let her go. You can't force her to be interested in you by playing games.

    She stopped making the effort because she's not interested in you or she assumes you are not interested.

    Girls go crazy over men who treat them like Queens and are clear and honest about their intentions. We are not interested in little boys who play games.


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  • A little old for the games aren't we? I mean to each their own, but seriously?

  • Never call them. When you see them, just be happy and calm. Then, tell them that you have to run!


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