How can I tell into me? I think I'm bi-curious?

So I went on a school trip for a week and met this really cool lesbian girl. We were roommates with 3 other girls. We got along just fine and people started thinking of us as close friends even after such a short period of time! She ended up leaving the trip early without saying bye. she told me what happened and she was just being dumb for leaving. I've hung out with her and few other friends from the trip since then. I think she might like me but I'm not sure. I've caught her staring at me a few times and she always makes eye contact. We hung out last Tuesday and were drinking and she told me about this blonde girl she's dating and how she knows nothing about her and doesn't want to be her girlfriend. I got a little jealous. overall we were sharing details about our dating lives and she took me to a lesbian bar to hang out with her friends. She's told me about a concert she's going to next weekend and I wanted to go but had no one to go with so I impisively bought a ticket. She ignored my texts when I told her but in person asked me who Im going with. Luckily I convinced my roommate and friend to go so I will be going with them. I got mad at her for ignoring my texts about the concert and started ignoring her. I ran into her at school the other day and she was drunk and being a little aggressive with me like play fighting and chasing me. Haha. I think she might like me but I'm the one that initiates texting and hanging out because she is actually really funny and warm. Is there any other way I would be able to tell? what should I do? Um confused because she did tell me about the girl she's seeing but said it wasn't serious etc and also said "I'm surprsied I'm dating a blonde girl because I usually go for mixed girls" and I'm mixed. I noticed she also will blatantly flirt with me when we are in a group and tell our mutual everything I say. But when we hung out alone she just could not stop talking and wasn't flirty or anything.
Excuse the typo in the title. Should say How can I tell if she is into me?**
Also she's 26 and I'm 23.


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  • Well it's normal because every human have some gay thoughts
    But the main idea is to focus on guys
    It's not normal to be a total gay
    It ain't right
    And yes she's into you but maybe she's afraid of the idea
    So make her feel comfortable about it

    • I'm the straight one. well was before I met her haha

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  • seems to me like she's just flirting with you for fun but she doesn't want anything serious.


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  • If you think you just want a strong bond with another woman versus being bi, ask yourself if you think you would enjoy sexual interaction. If you find the idea a little revolting, you may just want a strong friendship.


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