Why are guys so weird after sex?

I was dating this guy for about 2 to 3 months. I was going so well. But, like most things it ended. We were so on and off for so long after we broke up.

And we recently started talking again for the millionth time and ended up having sex. For the first time. Both of us. It has only been about 2 days but texts are getting shorter and I haven't seen him. And he is starting to make excuses as to why he can talk on the phone or see me. Why are guys so weird and mean about it? Now I'm starting to think that was all he wanted. Some help would be nice.



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  • Sorry if I'm being blunt. Sometimes the truth can hurt. Young men are usually only after sex. It's like an achievement for us. We'll brag about how many girls we've had and stuff like that. It builds up our egos, and makes us feel important if front of the 'boys'.

    That being said, it sounds like that is the case here. The on again off again relationship after you broke up seems like he was still trying to land you.

    Since you finally caved in, he's already had you and uses excuses to avoid you. Unfortunately that's a part of growing up. We must live with the choices we make. Just take it as a learning experience.

    • Well thank you.

      i have heard this all before and it was about time I face the facts.

      there is just nothing there with him any more.

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  • He might just made a bet with his friends that he could have sex with you and he might have won the bet. Or you were right that might be all he wanted. You should test him on that.

    The next time you should take longer to have sex with a guy (I'm a guy) so that they won't think you are a whore or anything like it. (you should take about a year to have sex with a guy, get to know him more).

  • Sex can be weird, I hope you didn't only take the previous two answers into account. Teenage sexuality can be especially weird and new. Remember the emotions you feel might be the same emotions he is feeling. Many young men are not yet emotionally ready to make an intimate connection with someone and feel comfortable with that at a young age. Emotional security and maturity is reached at different ages for everyone, if he can't speak with you don't think it was because you were just another notch on the beltloop maybe he just wasn't ready yet.

    You need to be direct with your emotions, circling around issues that are bothering you will often go unresolved. Ask him directly if you were just another girl or if you meant something to you. I hope this all helps.



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