So tired of my boyfriend keep leaving and then coming back, what do I do?

I really love him. I have no one else except him that shows me affection, and verbal love.
i just feel so peaceful when next to him, as I know that he accepts me as I am.
however, once a week he tries leaving me due to his insecurities. Things like not having a proper job, and me earning more than him. I've explained loads of times how I don't care, but it's such a repetition now.

Im so worn and tired. Everytime he leaves me I become suicidal and depressed. However, he texts me back after and we get back togehher.

Im just so tired but also love him, I'm so lost in what to do :(


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  • Stop doing it?


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  • Give him the final option of staying or leaving which ever one he picks you have to deal with. Good luck.

    • He has tried ending it fully. But I just couldn't take it and accepted we wouldn't contact till he finds a proper job.
      But then we start contacting and the whole cycle begins again

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    • The sad part is I don't even have friends, I'm a shy person 😞
      Thank you anyway :)

    • I feel where you're coming from. I have some friends but, I can't really go see them. Try opening up and making some. Find a friend, then be friends with their friends and friends with your friends friends friend. :) Hope I helped.

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  • It sounds like you need to seek professional help to learn how lovable and awesome you really are. You deserve to have someone who will be proud of your accomplishments not a jealous child.

  • No man is worth the harm of yourself it's better men then him


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