Interest level, who here has wanted someone 6 months after they were not that interested in the first place earlier?

Maybe your interest was just average, or your head was in a bad place.. than yeah for what ever reason your interest level was huge in them 6 months later on. a lot of people have questions here about interest, so just would like to ask everyone's experiences.
I have had this happen to me before, my interest in someone just exploded 9 months later..


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  • Yea I knew a girl that I just didn't like for the first couple months than One day months later I was obsessed with her. Its weird, sometimes it can't be explained sometimes you just see them in a different light.

    • And like you say, when that slight obsession kicks in, you become so one-minded

    • I remember after 6 months I was obsessed with a girl for a while. Then I saw her 6 years later and I was thinking what the fuck was wrong with me

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  • It's happened maybe once.


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  • yes it has happened 2 me basically... but bever asked her out because i don't want a relationship... i was fantasizing bout her though!

    • It's funny how relationship karma works sometimes

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