Women, Post what you want to see a man do for you, In the "Interest stage"?

To clear up this non-question,
Many woman are upset and confused because guys play the ignoring game, they run hot and cold, and most time because they think this will show the girl he's different and not desperate, right?

My opinion: As a woman, this is what I would really want from a guy who liked me. In the initial stage, once he begins the games it will never work out, I will always be confused, & will never approach. I don't approach guys because I want the guy I'm attracted to, to approach me, each girl is different in this area. I would however meet him half way if he was showing me clear signs he liked me. He liked me first also he cannot gain my attention by ignoring me because I never noticed him in the first place. I would like him to actually try to talk to me than assuming because I wasn't looking at him I don't like him. (I find it hard to look into the eyes of a guy I like) If he talked to me, asked for my number, if I give a guy my number and text him back, I'm interested, then I'd like to be asked out to get to know me better... I'll definitely know for sure he likes me, and I will come up to him smile, look into his eyes, and talk.

I realize it's nerve racking. But I take months to piece together when a guy likes me, because he's always staring at me and smiling. I'm a little more aware now and I might be able to catch on, but by not talking to her down the road months later it would be a waist of time


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  • hey girl, my issue is that the guy i m interested in is not always interested in me and the guy who doesn't interest me is just not gonna interest me? Q Q

    But to answer your question I guess, i'll just like him to be clear that he likes me. I'll tell him i like him too. like literally verbally.


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