Should I still see if she wants to go out?

She was throwing herself at me and I stupidly didn't reciprocate. As we're during examination period, I did eventually ask her if she wanted to go out after exams. She replied excitedly about us organising it after exams but stopped replying back to me in a sense after i. e. carrying the conversation.

She also became more distant. I mean she still noticed me first whenever I turned up or said hi first and is no stranger to a touch here or smile there.

But I guess I too acted distant in response. Now that exams are over, I've now got a 'half' agreed date, a girl who seems more distant and a guy who did all the wrong things you could do overanalysing this situation.

Should I buzz her and see if she is still interested?
  • Yes numbskull; she's distant only because you are
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  • No, you stuffed up, your ship sailed. Leave it be and bring it up if she ever starts throwing herself at you again.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes. If you're still interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • Go after her, the worst that can happen is she says no. If you pursue her and she sees that you have more interest in her she might come back. However that is not a guarantee and if she rejects your advances it may be time to move on


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