Why do men do this?

I still like this guy I used to talk to, we stop talking because he was going through a lot of things in life and he wasn't ready for a relationship. So we started talking again but we are just friends though and last from our mutual that got us together the First time said that he know's that I still like him and I'm if he knows why haven't he said anything because I did not know that he knew that I still has feelings for him. Our mutual friend said he is waiting for me to say something and I was wondering why would a guy wait for a woman to bring up her feelings is it because still has for her or another reason because I do not know. Also what confused me cause me and him would text for hours and talk on the phone as well. I'm just confused why a guy wouldn't just come out say "Hey I heard you feelings for me" or something like that I just opinion.
I'm not ready to tell him that I like him but if he would of asked yea I believe I would of say yes I like him.


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  • Most men have a tremendous, irrational fear of rejection and telling a girl how you feel before she says how he feels is very risky.

    • well the thing is I am scared to bring it up because I am as well have a fear of rejection and I am nervous he wouldn't feel the same way. Also from what I been told he has know for a long time of my feeling for him. I see what you are saying his fear of rejection but if he knows from our mutual friends that I like him he should not feel scared to mention it.

    • Next time you see him in private, let him know you need to tell him something, put your arms around him, and kiss him like you mean it. When the kiss is over, tell him, "I just thought you should know that." Scared to take the initiative? Consider the possibility of never having a relationship because both of you were too scared to get it out in the open.

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  • I think he is just nervous to put himself out there first

  • Guys hate being rejected, thats all, he'll come through soon


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