Should I date this older guy?

I'm 18 and I turn 19 in September. I met this guy at a gas station last week and Later found out he's 33. I really do like him but I don't feel comfortable dating a 33 year old. Should I give him a chance or no?


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  • You've only known him for a week and you say you wouldn't be comfortable dating a 33 year old.

    So I would say, no.


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  • doesn't hurt.

  • You don't even know him... So how about no. That decision needs to be made over a course of months, not over a week.

    • I'm not one to waste time. I don't want to spend months getting to know someone for me to decide I don't want to date them. I focus on one person at a time. Not multiple. So I like deciding early if I even want to give this person a chance. My definition of dating is talking and going out and things like that.

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    • lol.

    • Stop trying to pick fights. you're just mad. :P :P :P

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