My crush is moving away and I need help?

There is a girl I had a crush on for a few years now and she's just starting to show signs of liking me back. But I just found out she is going to a different school next year and I'm feeling down as ever. Can someone help me by giving suggestions on how to talk to her or anything.


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  • You have four options, you stay she goes, you both go, you both stay, call it quits.

    If you stay and she goes how far is it from where you are? is it commutable?
    If it is then you still have a chance to see where things go.

    If its too far to commute, whats stopping you from going there?
    If you dont have any obligations where you are like an awesome job or university then why aren't you going there (worst case it doesn't work out, and you'll be at square one but in a new location).

    She won't stay with you because UNI takes priority (this is understandable)

    Call it quits, it may be a waste of time, and she may be entertaining options because she knows she's going to be disappearing soon anyway so she feels like she can do what ever she likes ( not cool).


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  • I'm guessing y'all are headed off to college?

    If you two are from the same hometown, you can meet up every break, make it a tradition. And when she's in school, chat/skype with her. You don't have to nab her now, just make her aware of you.

    Don't rush things, there WILL be chances in the future. But for now just live your own life, meet and talk to new people. If you happen to cross paths again over break or after college, take her out or something.

    Goodluck bro

    source: I'm in a long distance relationship with my old highschool crush. I didn't start dating her til 3rd year in college.

  • Chase after her go to her school create a love story


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