Are girls these days afraid to date a quality man?

I want honest answers. It looks as if girls jump at the chance to date guys that are stagnant, going nowhere fast, the kind of guy that tries to be a badass to compensate, yada-yada.

The typically vulgar, always high/drunk young adult male that wears UFC shirts and a flat brimmed cap lol and smokes cigarettes. Okay maybe that was extremely stereotypical but you get the point. It doesn't seem to matter if he's good looking or not, these kinds of dudes always have girlfriends and plenty of girls in and out of their lives. I can't understand it. Not to mention that a lot of times these guys can act fairly primitive in their behavior.

So what's the deal with the guys that are above that whole lifestyle? Why is it so hard to come by a girl that will date a guy that defies that norm? That seeks a higher class lifestyle and career, and acts and dresses the part too? Can anyone offer some quality insight on this social phenomenon?


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  • I can't speak for other women but I am dating a very high quality man.

    • That's good, really hope that he is, and I hope that there are a lot more girls out there like yourself. Girls really don't seem interested in real relationships anymore and it's almost like they're need to have a kid or two before they realize that they're being stupid with their relationship choices. It's like people have very little grasp on the consequences of their actions, and very little ability to foresee anything that could very well happen. People just don't care and that's a huge problem.

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    • It's a good thing I don't do that.

    • There have been so many times when I've wanted to just give in to it... because it's what people expect these days, but at the end of the day I have to stay true to myself. It's all I really know how to do.

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  • I think it's because the "quality" guys usually aren't rich. Most girls in our age group only want wealthy men. It's not the good vs bad quality, it's more rich vs poor.

    • The quality guys I'm referring to are certainly a lot more "well off" than these typical, sub-par guys, unless they've made a bunch of money from selling dope or something, which isn't unheard of either unfortunately. Either way, it's illegitimate and totally stupid in how guys make money like that. So dumb.

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  • Bad boy phase

    • I have to wonder why the "bad boy phase" is even a thing. -.-

    • Apparently they "have to date the bad boys to know what a good guy is." Lol sounds like silliness to me

    • Exactly. It's just complete non-sense to try and justify poor female decision-making.

  • They're sexier. Nice guys are boring. The "primitive" behavior is attractive because, guess what, as smart as humans are, we're still fucking animals with animalistic instincts. The guy's who tap into that get sex, the ones who don't won't get sex. It's that simple.

    • That's pretty dumb. Not saying that isn't true, but it's just stupid.

      What is being human anyway? Is it just "being an animal" at the end of the day, or are we better than that? We're a one of a kind species on this planet, I'd like to believe that humans are a bit more elegant in their nature when put up against the rest of the animal kingdom.

    • What you'd like the world to be doesn't matter, only what it actually is does. Think and act accordingly, the world rewards you. If you want to be successful with women, you have to show them on that primal level that you'll Fuck them. If you want to be successful in your career, your relationships (the human part, and your understanding) will be far more important than the job you perform. That's the real world.

    • I guess I can't argue with how the world actually operates. I just think it's sad.

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