What should I do?

My boyfriend lives in Nevada and I live in Texas. We have been planning to move near each other since we met 2 years ago. But things come up and we are still only 19. College and money get in the way of our plan ever happening. I recently have been thinking to move to Nevada after completing my associates. But i'm so scared what people (My family) will think, or if they'll even let me go. I want to go move out there mainly so me and my boyfriend can be together but also because I want to be away from my family and learn to survive on my own ( if I moved I would not live with my boyfriend). So what should I do? Stay with my family and have it the easy boring way? Or take a chance and make memories that'll last a life time?
p. s. I am miserable where I live and I am miserable with my family.


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  • Take a chance, things could change for the best. You never know till you try and I think it at least deserves a try. I mean if something bad happens I'm sure your family will take you back.


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