How do you forget about your ex?

Me and my boyfriend broke up about two years ago, but i can't stop thinking about him! Yes I've dated other guys that i really liked but i felt guilty the whole time cause instead of thinking about them, i was thinking about my ex. The thing is we broke up cause i moved, so he could still like me and i still love him. What do i do?


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  • Instead of finding someone local to replace your ex, this is the time to work on yourself. Take up a hobby, meet your friends, learn a new language, try a new dance form.. reinvent yourself
    in the meantime, if you happen to meet someone interesting, good for you! But don't make it your sole aim in life
    and when you do meet someone, focus on their qualities as an individual... when one compares, they pave way for misery


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  • You never get over your first love. One of you needs to move (when you have finished school) to be near each other so you can see where your relationship can go. Otherwise, you will always be wondering about what mighty have been.

    • That's the problem. I dropped my phone in a lake after me moved and I lost all my contacts. Including his😞

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    • There must be some friend you had in common before he moved. People don't just disappear.

    • One of my ex's was his best friend but he won't talk to me

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