I am so confused, guys help me out?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over 6 months, he told me he wanted me to be cuter, he thinks no one cares and loves him so I've been proving to him I do... But now he's telling me I'm annoying him and he wants me to stop! I'm trying everything even though I'm the biggest handful (having depression and anger problems) I compliment him, we have jokes together, we're comfortable with eachother, I buy him things, I speak to him and see him A LOT (despite the 100km distance between us) I know I maybe care too much but I don't want to lose him... I'm also the jealous type which doesn't help me at all... He has blades in his room and I'm afraid he'll I use them, when I tell him not to he tells me to shut up... HELP ME FIX THIS RELATIONSHIP!


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  • If you are worried about this guy attempting suicide, that concern should override everything else. Do you have any relationship with his family? Your power in this situation is limited and you need his family's assistance. You cannot fix another person.

    • But if I tell his family I've betrayed his trust

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    • I'll always stop him.

    • You are not in all places at all times. You won't know. Even if you lived together, you wouldn't be together constantly. You are under 18 and I am not trying to insult you but this situation is more than y9ou can handle, even if you don't realize that or agree with my statement. I was a mental health counsellor for many years and I know what I am talking about. You must involve his parents.

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  • how can he want you to be cuter? that throwed me off, but anywho its nothing more obvious that y'all love each other, just give him some time, guys aren't that different from girls, we all need our own space for a while, & you see him ALOT? yes that may be a problem, you seem too clingy. just back off a tad bit:) wish you the best

    • I gave him space and he cheated on me

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  • Okay this is a bit complicated. Its great to see that you are trying your best to support him.

    But firstly this question is a bit brief.

    If you dont mind, I would like to know,
    1) What is that exactly you do which annoys him as you have mentioned above?
    2) Has he ever attempted to cut or harm himself?

    • 1) He doesn't like me being cute all the time and he says just me in general annoys him and
      2) Yes him and I both

  • Sounds like a toxic relationship


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