Why is it more complicated to bond with or be attracted to older women?

I swear when I attempt to get to know an older women I find it SOOO fuckin boring and complicated! It's like they've lost that spark or something and everything is all work and no play, they like all these boring ass movies now and the conversation make me feel like I'm having a business meeting or a geography lesson. I mean Its good that she's mature and all but I think they take it too far! Like I can't quite explain it... I swear I get SOO bored and no matter now beautiful she is or how mature she seems, sometimes I'll be there and I'll just be like this in my mindπŸ‘‡

Why is it more complicated to bond with or be attracted to older women?

Maybe I'm just young minded still I don't know but damn dude what's the point of living if you don't have fun and break a rule or two every now and then?

I've actudlly been In front of a bar stool and the most breath taking taking women would appear but she talks like she's giving a science lesson sooo much that I feel like this kidπŸ‘‡
Why is it more complicated to bond with or be attracted to older women?

Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?

  • yes I've felt this way somtimes
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  • The older you become the more Boring you seem
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When I say older women i mean 30's and up.. Any age in your 20's and you don't count
I can only laugh at the people who take personal offense to this. Only people who are responding to this topic are the people who are offended and butt hurt lmao! Guess all of you people have a big problem with getting old 😌


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  • Older women love younger men. If you engage them in conversation and it's NOT intelligent or sophisticated, something is wrong! Stop smart shaming!

    • MHO! I'm old and I rule!

    • lol lts like you said... Nothing's wrong with older women... Perhaps I'm just still too young minded to vibe on that level but I'll get there soon lol

    • Take your time. It's the journey, not the destination ☺

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  • Well Im 7 years older than my boyfriend, but I look his age and I act his age to XD lol. Sometimes he has to tell me to calm down because I can get crazy XD So boring? nevveerrr :P

    • We'll see you sound like a cool fun person to hang out with and talk to. I don't like to go have a drink and talk about bonds and stocks and other peoples children or having kids of my own. That shits boring talk!

  • ummm... you need to actually listen to what older woman are singing, or join the conversation and give it your import, have you ever thought of doing that? orrr,,,,, just make fun of it, and suggest something else, sheesh you just need to up the mood with your youthful energy , lol

    • I have listened but it's boring topics! Thibgs I don't really care much about! And when I say older I mean in the 30's and up, your 20 so your still young minded to lol

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    • That's more for losers who desperately need to get laid and why are you trying to be funny? Your only making yourself look stupid! The fact that you would even bother to argue with me on this topic is dumb all on its own. Your freakin 20 years old!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ you barely know what it means to have a real boyfriend at your age and your not even legally old enough to buy Alcohol...πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hope you don't consider yourself an older woman Because you look like someone who just Barely moved out of her parents house and still gets money support to pay her cell phone on time and eat a decent meal lmao... This topic is not for you (YOUNG) lady ✌️😌

    • and lmao, you still watch all thkse 14 year old cArtoons and stuff?😳 lmao nuff said, your hobbies listed on your profile certainly says a lot about you... 😀😏

  • They have been around the block and they know all the games, and all the sweet words. It could also be a way of making you feel inadequate so you won't consider asking them out.

  • I don't think you can get a simple plain titty/puss fuck with them. They're suppposed to be simple.

    • I don't titty fuck and I don't do one night stands, please don't come at me talkin shit when your avatar picture screams child all over it lady πŸ˜“

    • Asker, you're too childish for them

  • You sound like you need to grow up.

    • Your twenty fuckin three!!! Your barely out of puberty and your telling me to grow up? Dammit go watch cartoons!

What Guys Said 6

  • Unfortunately people get burnt/jaded & they put up barriers to protect themselves. This also closes them off in a way. Its a protection mechanism. Can be very difficult getting around this.

  • I don't find older women complicated at all.
    They know what they want, I know what I want. And our interest usually align.

    And by interest, I mean GIVING HER THE DEEEEEE!!!


  • My girlfriend is 13 years older than me and I do not find her boring at all.

    • I wasn't referring to all women, shit man mSybe it's the types of womrn I run into I don't know anynore

  • You have no game.

    • Pm and I'll show you proof of my game but I won't post shit in public. Your 21, you have a cat avatar, and your term for getting a date With and older women is called game?😳 damn your stupidπŸ˜‚

  • The John Wall meme applies to all women...

  • This is why large age gaps in relationship are a big challenge. Interests change.

    She's not boring... She's boring to YOU.

    Sure it's possible that she's an anomaly but I doubt it. There's a reason bars aren't packed with older people and it isn't because we don't like to have fun anymore, it's that it bores us to be there.

    When I see a couple that is mismatched in age with someone 15-20 years younger, I'm not shocked at the younger as much as I am the elder. I think, "how can you stand 5 minutes of conversation from someone that age?"

    • My converaation is elegant but is rather listen to what the lady has to say, I try not to be rude so I'll stay and listen

    • My girlfriend is 13 years older than me and we have wonderful conversations

    • Good for you.

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