When is a good time tell a guy friend that you want you Be with him as is, girlfriend?

I want to tell mike ottis , that i want to be with him but mike ottis as been through a lot he was in, the hospital for awhile. I do worry about mikw ottis more then my other guy friends. i want to be around mike ottis more, than, anything he means the, world to me
But its, hard to talk to mike, ottis , we barley get to talk and, when we, do get to talk its before we, get on the bus, if i do see him , he, only works mondays wedsdays, and fridays. I only, see him wedsdays, and fridays if i see him
I miss my talks with mike. i told him how, i really missed him a lot and he laughed and said oh thats nice and cool.

What can, i do?


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  • You don't tell him you show him.

    • Really how do I show mike I care about him , I mean before mikes accident I told Mike ottis how I felt in a poem about how I felt about him and I gave it to him wedsday and I think, he read it friend these was before is accident. I have never got about mike, ottis , I don't know, if these what love feels, like, because I am falling for him its like a, deep feelings for mike ottis

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    • I, gave, mike ottis note which was, w, picture, of a hearts is name and a, note, telling him I think, he, is, a, really, nice cool, guy and, to call, Mex
      And, he, did, call me yesterday and we, talked about hobbies he likes to read and, write, to he likes to go for walks. I told him how lovanda and, my, friend dany were teasing me, about him and I said my friends are crazy then he said aren't they all. then he asked so, you still like, me, then I said yeah, mike said, nothing wrong with that. is, that good?

    • I don't have a car I don't drive how, can I, hang out with him, if I can't drive and stuff

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  • Why would you put his whole name on here?


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  • Anytime..!

    • Should I give mike ottis a scrapbook of poems About him to let him know how I feel Or is that too soon , I already gave him a poem before is accident and he didn't say much

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