How can I tell if this lesbian is into me?

I met this really cool girl on a school trip and I think I have a major crush on her and I've never liked a girl before. She's very androgynous looking and is very funny and cool. I just like her a lot. I feel like she might like me but I'm not sure. On the trip I caught her staring at me and she was always around me. I hung out with her outside of the trip and she took me to a lesbian bar to meet her friends and one her friends was grilling me about whether or not I. liked girls and I said no because I don't. I feel like she might be dropping hints here and there but she always does it when we are with a group of people and never just when we're alone. For example, we hung out with people from the school trip and she always flirts with me in front of them and embarrasses me by teasing me or something. When we were in the car she was telling our friend that she is surprised she's dating a blonde girl because she usually likes mixed girls. I am mixed. However I'm the one that usually texts or snapchats her first or initiates a hangout. However she has been commenting on a lot of my stuff on Facebook because we are going to a concert this weekend separately. Anyways, what are some other ways I can tell she likes me back?


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  • Just kiss her and see how she acts. I doubt she'll be unhappy about it. Or just tell her you like her, it is that simple!

    • But like then what happens after that? I'm scared.

    • Fear is natural, don't let it take away from you courage though. It has to be a little scary, life would be boring if you always knew what to expect. But the biggest regret of the dying is not having the courage to do the things they wanted to. Don't be one of those regretful old dying people. Just go for its not about where you are going it is about how you get there. If you go there with courage, you have something to be proud of. If you just sit around and worry all day about what could happen, you are literally wasting your life away.

    • Do you want to be the type of person who never went after what they did, letting life pass them by? Or do you want to be someone who had the courage to go after their heart? It starts with small decisions like this one. Whatever happens, it can't be as bad as you make it in your head.

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  • hurry, you are not teen anymore. finish exploring as quick


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