Why are some guys jerks?

Been on 3 dates with this guy and before we met and now he always texts me back like either hours later or days later.. i dont know why he text me when he doesn't have any intention of awnsering
Yesterday was my birthday and he texted me and i replied and he still hasn't replied... before that i texted him on Friday after our date on Thursday and he didn't reply.. until yesterday when he said happy birthday

should i tell him next time straigh out whats the point of texting when you never reply? He has told me that he is slow with texting and i text very fast but i mean thaaat slow?
he also has a tattoo of a turtle thats because he says he is very slow at things


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  • You're calling a man a jerk for being slow at texting?

    • Yes.. like if he was interested he would have replied by now..

    • Hm. That is good logic. So why do you date this man?

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  • He might be busy... stuff happens and you're calling him a jerk for it, if he stood you up then fair enough but slow texting could be for a number of reasons

  • Should he message you then stare at the screen without blinking waiting for you to reply?


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