Personal opinions about relationships nowadays?

I'm doing a feature for the school newspaper about relationships. I would love to get quotes from a lot of different people. So id be great if you guys would answer these questions? How do you feel about relationships? Do you like being in one, why? Do you avoid them, if so why? What's the best/worst thing about a relationship? Just anything that has to do with those questions. You could also make it personal. I'd be great if you guys gave me your first name, age, and relationship status! :) help a girl out!


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  • Relationships are the way people learn about themselves, their fellow humans, and their society. It is how we learn that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

    I love relationships. I love building deep, meaningful connections with people. And I pursue those opportunities when they are presented. I am sharing this planet with some incredible people, and I want to learn all about them. I am also sharing it with a bunch of assholes, but I want to learn enough about them to identify them as people I don't want to be around.

    So, yes, I like being in one. I am almost always in one, and usually in more than one. No, I don't avoid them, that would run contrary to my core driving motivation.

    Best thing about them is getting to that point where all the walls come down, and you can both be together in a pure form. Where you feel accepted for who you are at your core, and you can accept another person in their raw, unmasked form.


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  • I think that they're a perfectly viable lifestyle choice and I feel that people that always talk shit on relationships are perfectly capable of not being in one.

    A "progressive" society should be about choice giving people the freedom to spend their lives as they see fit.

    As for where I fit into the picture: I wouldn't say that I avoid relationships, but I don't really seek them out. I'd love to spend my life with someone, but there are plenty of other things to do in the meantime.

  • i guess social media kinda destroy them basically... hm..

  • They suck and are superficial.

    • Imagine the quotes on the paper:

      "omg relationships are so much fun"
      "i love by bf <3"
      "They suck and are superficial"

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