How to reschedule a date that supposed to be tonight?

Im supposed to meet with a girl in 2 hours but I don't feel like going.
Its our first date.
I got an exam tomorrow in the morning and I'd rather take a power nap and study.

I wanna reschedulle it to Saturday. How should I go about it?


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  • Tell her that you have an exam and are really wound up about it and tell her that you need to reschedule. Tell her that you are going to make it up to her and that you don't want anything else on you mind during the date, except her.


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  • Be honest with her. Tell her you have had a rough day and really could use a nap and that you also have an exam tomorrow that you really need to study for. Ask her if it is okay to reschedule to Saturday. Don't wait too long because she has been anticipating this and will prepare herself for a while before the date.

  • Yeah that's kind of douchey, just to premise this.

    If you knew you had an exam you shouldn't have picked today of all days, let alone wait until the day of to tell her. She's likely going to think you're a flake and it won't be likely that she'll even reschedule with you.

    No offence, but if a power nap is more important than this girl, it sounds like it isn't worth it period.

    • Don't go on dates much?
      I'm busy dude. I got my priorities straight that I will not bend for anybody. She was very understandable.

    • I have a boyfriend actually. I'm just saying: last minute flaking is just unbecoming. Don't ask for opinion based questions unless you want very honest answers - not just the ones you agree with.

    • :) Have a good night

What Guys Said 1

  • Say "I can't go out tonight, sorry. What about Saturday?" Sounds good to me.
    I've been on the receiving end of a cancelled date and sometimes its been worse than that.


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