So I know this girl who looks a lot like the Wendy's girl from tv? would that be ok to tell her that?

i'm not sure if i should say anything or not? mean is that a compliement or an insult or just weird to point out the similariities. and by the wendy's girl refering to the attractive 20 something girl who has appeared in wendy's commercials for last few years on tv. i don't really know this girl very well and only really talked to her at bars a couple times and have her on twitter. any thoughs she does look a lot like her and is good looking herself


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  • You can tell anyone anything as long as you say it the right way. Things are only weird if you think they are weird. If you just randomly and in the most monotone voice say 'you look like that uh girl in the commercials for wendys' just dont try and whats your follow up if she's like yea I get that a lot or that actually is me.


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