Do you guys find this rude?

OK so my 28 year old bf is moving to savannah Georgia from pa for a better job offer. He left today and his mom is going with him to help him move in and pick out furniture. We have been going out for 4 years and I'm waiting until he gets settled and I save up more money until I move in with him. Well I got out of work early to see him off and it was his mom step dad his 21 year old brother and his 26 year old brother. Well his step dad asked me to get a picture of him with his mom and him and his brothers. Fine whatever well a couple hours later i look on fb and his step dad posted best of luck to andrew and tagged him his mom and brothers and never tagged me like hello why leave me out this effects me too I have been with him for 4 years and I was there too. Why was I left out?


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  • This is what happens when people get so wrapped up in Facebook/social media and take it way too seriously. You start overanalyzing the smallest (and sometimes non-existent) things which causes you to get worked up.

    His family used the pic for a family moment and it being his dad, was tagging people for the purpose of showing other family. When people start feeling left out simply because they weren't tagged in some post on Facebook, you might need to dial back the importance you're giving to Facebook.

    I know a ton of people like to say that they can handle it, but just look at it closely: people get tagged so others can see the pictures they're in. You weren't tagged and feel left out that other people won't see that you're included. Why does that matter if you're seen by others on there or not? Especially by his extended family that may or may not even know you to begin with.

    • That makes it even worse why did his step DSD want other people to see my bf and his family but not his gf of 4 years. Why would he want to show his brothers with him but not his own gf with him? I could understand if it was about one of the brothers. moving me not being included but when it is my. own bf moving I think his gf has a right to be included in at least one pic and tagged especially when I am close to the family and he is an adult who has been with him for a while. As an adult SOs should be considered family. Because they tend to get more serious

    • How do you know the purpose of him tagging people maybe it was for friends and not just family

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  • This is my life. I feel for you. My boyfriend's family treats me similarly. Just hope if you get married they get their acts together.

    • We both don't ever plan on getting married. We believe its just a piece of paper.

    • Then they may never accept you as family.

    • I guess its just something I have to accept

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  • Maybe they wanted it to be a family thing?

    • Well I have been with him in for 4 years pretty sure I should be considered important enough to be included at least tagged if they aren't going to include me in the pictute like I was still there so why did you not tag me like I wasn't? Also im going to be moving in with him pretty sure I should be included in all of this

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    • I don't know. But honestly, you shouldn't start a fight. Its just a facebook post...

    • I just commented writing my name saying I was there too with a smiley face

  • Were you in the picture to begin with?

    • Nope that's just it I was left completely out like I'm not even an Important person in his life or I wasn't even there. Like OK fine don't include me in the picture but don't not tag me like I wasn't even there

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    • Yeah but everyone they tagged was actually in the picture.
      What I mean is that they didn't think twice since they didn't see you.

      Have they ever showed dislike for you?

    • No they always seemed to genuinely like me a lot. Like I understand if you want separate pics or whatever but at least include me in one picture. I have been with him for 4 years and I am his gf don't treat me like nothing

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