I'm not sure if this makes me a bit of a user?

So I have been seeing a young lady that isn't really available at the moment. She has left her husband and is living on her own so not cheating. But she has only just moved, just started a new job, not done anything about devorce etc so she says at the moment it's just for fun. But I know she is in love with me, so for a while I thought about us being more but now I'm happy to just have the fun. She always says we aren't exclusive and can't ask that of me due to her being unavailable so I have been hanging out with an old friend and we really hit it off. We have been on a couple dates and even had a bit of a smooch... I feel like I'm treating both of them like shit seeing them both. What's your thoughts


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  • Just keep it secret and you'll be fine. Until one of them says hey I want to be with you, you shouldn't have to be loyal.

  • It's fine, don't worry about it.


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