Do you think he's not that into me anymore and/or likes another girl?

My boyfriend & I've been together for over 2 years. We are seniors in high school. We have the same lunch period but we don't really walk together to class after lunch like other couples. We walk in the same direction to both of our 3rd period classes (they are both in the front of the school) but we don't meet up at a certain place to walk to together. When we do talk at school, we don't hold hands often. Sometimes we kiss. We hang out after school and take pics together but he only has one pic of us laughing. that's the only one he has of us in our 2 years together. I'm going to college in California and he's going to college in Louisiana next year. Do you think he's not that into me anymore and/or likes another girl?
  • He's not that into you and you two will probably break up before college.
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  • He is still into you and you two will probably stay together
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  • He probably likes another girl
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  • He loves you.
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  • He doesn't care about you or the relationship and wants to end it.
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  • Vote F: he realizes that you can't be together once you go to college because long distance relationships rarely work out so he is trying to distance himself so its easier to leave when its time to go to college

    • Then why not just break up now?

    • because people like to keep their relationships til they leave for college. I might be wrong don't just go off this

    • No actually that makes a lot of sense. I never thought that. He did seem more close when we began dating

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you're over thinking this.
    Guys don't always have to make the first move. He's your boyfriend and you should feel comfortable asking him to walk you to class or things like that.
    My bf & I pretty much take turns at doing things, sometimes he waits for me after school or sometimes i waits for him, i go up to him and talk to him or sometimes he comes and talks to me. I hug hum first or he hugs me first.
    Communication is like the most important thing in a relationship. I believe you & him need to sit down and have a talk. Tell each other how you feel, what do you feel about college, what are your thoughts, plans of doing with the relationship now that you're going to college? You guys need to get on the same page. Right now, you guys are in totally different pages. That's why you guys aren't feeling the connection. Get on the same page! :)

    Also, if you guys are taking different paths following your education, why not make the best of the relationship while it lasts?

    Best wishes to you! 😊


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  • It could be that the spark has faded or maybe that's just the way he is. I had a bf who was very non affectionate but we lasted about 2 years and we broke up because he moved but he still text me everyday as a best friend and still hasn't dated anyone else since he moved. So maybe you should just ask him. You may be scared of the answer but its better to know now than to have it come as a shock later of you do break up.

  • yes, it's just hangout

  • If this bothers you, why not talk to him about this situation.


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