A part of me doesn't WANT to move on from this guy what do I do?

I've loved a guy for 3 years. It's a long complicate story but he hurt me and turned me into a really different person.

I know I should move on and there has been other guys and like me but i just can't open up to them. I am terrified and I also don't want to move on. A part of me keeps thinking me and that other guy were meant to be, that somwhere down the road even though it's been 3 years already we will be together. Because he was essentially perfect. I dream about him still at nigh and I think about him all the time I just can't help it. I am only 21 and I know I need to somehow move on with my life but I just feel like I will never be ready.

Any advice?


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  • I think after three years you may need some professional help. You can't go back to someone who hurt you and changed you because he didn't love you enough the way you where

    • "I've been in love with a guy I don't talk to for 3 years" doesn't really seem like a valid enough reason to go to a therapist though it just seems stupid to me. I should be over this.

    • Exactly you should be over this and your not. 3 years is a valid reason for me I guess. That's one long time while you could of met the man of your dreams

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