Help am I over reacting?

I've been seeing this new guy for a few weeks now. We had sex for the first time tonight. We hung out for maybe 3 hours and after the sex he said he had to go leave to meet some friends to smoke shisha.

He said he was already late. I feel insulted that he didn't stay with me longer after the sex. Does this mean he doesn't really care about me?

before the sex he asked me if I would come to a cottage with him this summer.

Am I over reacting. or should I feel insulted like he does not like me enough?


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  • Hard to tell after one encounter. It could have been that he was running a bit late to begin with, and once it looked like he was going to get laid, he pushed everything else back to make sure he could seal the deal. Which is shitty, admittedly, but somewhat understandable. If it happens again though, then you'll know he for sure is only in it for the sex.

    You should feel a bit insulted, but not too much, basically. It was a shitty thing to do, but could be a legit excuse. Pay attention to future behaviour though, that will tell you more.


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  • No, it was rude and inconsiderate of him.


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  • Oh women. I totally get it though. Your emotions run wild during and after sex, whereas ours run wild before and during sex. He likes you, he was just late and played it kinda shitty. Give him another shot.


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