Why Does A Guy Ask If You Have Met Someone, After Telling You He Has Feelings For you couple Weeks Before?

Hi This guy told me has feelings for me a couple of weeks ago, and he's been having problems, so we haven't talked much recently cause he's been feeling really down, tonight we we're talking, and later on he asked me have I met anyone, why is he asking that?


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  • He is insecure. He thinks you have found someone better.

    • But does that sound like he still wants to be with me?

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    • How long has it been exactly?

    • It was a few hours ago gmt time, but he was working early morning today, and will be back in work again early morning, so maybe he's tired, thats what i'm hoping anyway

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  • Because he's interested in you.


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  • Probably cause you guys have been talking less.


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