What does your dream crush look like and whats their personality?

Mine has. Curly dark hair nice eyes a face with a nose and mouth on it preferably skin and he has the same religion as me , taller, isn't afraid to speak up against things he opposes , sweet , funny, but extremely loyal and likes video games... and soccer
What about you?


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  • Well my would have to be someone tall and who could make me laugh. A good personality and respectful also had long hair well not long long but not short either.


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  • The girl of my dreams is curly blonde hair, blue eyes, plays an instrument that's perfect for duets with another! Loves dancing and has a perfect relationship with Jesus!!!

  • The girl of my dreams.. I can't say I have one in mind tbh


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  • my dream guy (looks wise), is nick bateman. look him up, he's so perfect ugh haha. personality wise I want somebody kinda dorky with a great sense of humor, sweet, caring, doesn't pay attention to other women when he's with me, likes movies, has an appetite, treats me well :)

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    • He's a beautiful man lol. Can't think of anybody more perfect. Just my opinion :D

    • I searched him up and im pretty sure i left a puddle of drool on my pillow he's so bomb like woah

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