How to talk to a random girl on facebook?

Saw this girl at a college campus when I was visiting my cousin for lunch. I thought she was really pretty but I never got to approach her. I was surprised when I saw her on my facebook feed and added her, she accepted, but I don't know how to talk to her. We have one mutual friend and I barely know that friend. I know her evem less than that friend. I just want to know how to say somthing to her so I can get to know her.
Thanks for the help, I totally talked to her, she let me know she is interested in someone else, but open to dating other people, so I guess I gotta work.


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  • Just ask her like "do you know who I am?" lol vos some girls add random people just because. So if she recognized you she's gonna say yeah you're.. Blah blah blah lol and u can go from there :).

    • No problem and alright well good luck! :)

      Thanks for the MHO by the way :)

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  • hahaha I used to do that all the time I would always just message them like 'HEY ty for accepting we don't know each other very well but..' n just talk shit for a bit if you are a noble and just person it will go well

  • Personally message her. Start a conversation. For example say hello, how are you? And keep the conversation going by getting to know her more.


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  • Come on man. Grow up and stop trying to meet people on fucking FB

    • Come on man grow up stop hassling other people. A:I work in a refinery (not many women) with 5 day 12 hour shifts
      B: I dont go to the girls school, would be kinda creepy if I stalked her there
      C: I was in a relationship for 4 years with a girl I met on facebook.
      You grow the fuck up and not comment if you are not going to help.

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    • Name calling from the guy telling people to grow up... bruh you are almost 30. LOL

    • Duhh wad da heeaack!

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