Do I have a chance with this celebrity?

So, there is this famous guy who is just getting so big lately and he lives near me, just two cities away. We have a lot of mutual friends. I even met him and he said I was so cute and he wanted to hear me sing but the security pulled him away too fast because there was a crowd coming. He is so sweet and I'll be talking to him more in the future. Do you think I could date him if we start to talk more? He is the only guy celeb who I dont find preppy, a jerk, annoying, or gay. He is actually so genuine, and I can tell if it is a coverup or not.
  • sorry, no chance since he is famous
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  • maybe if you talk more
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  • You are under 18, so if he is 20+ he won't date you. not because of you, but because you are under-aged, and it will be bad for him if he dates someone who is younger than 18. I have had the same issue with a famous soccer player from my country. I was 17, and he 26. I am still in touch with him now, we are now just friends, but he said he simply couldn't date me just because of that reason, and because he thought it was wrong.
    Another reason is that you only saw him once, from what I assume. You should be in touch with him, and chat with him once in a while! Maybe in the future...

    • He is just a year older than me :) the only thing is that I have so many conections to meet him again but he is EXTREMELY busy right jow and he isn't home. I messaged his sister so she might show him the message. Once I meet him again, I am definitely staying in touch wih him and I am going to ask him to write a song with me. Hopefully it is soon! I at least want him as a friend.

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    • Yep haha! And maybe one day! :) he is actually suh a sweetheart, and I have never fallen for a teenage celebrity because they all seemed fake. But I have always had this respect for this guy and meeting him just proved how genuinely kind he really is.

    • It was really hard to choose the MHO, but I think you had a evenly hopeful yet realistic approach so thank you

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What Guys Said 4

  • Perhaps. Anything is possible. But if you're under 18 then perhaps not.

    • We are both under 18 and he is extremely sweet and actually genuine, unlike every other teenage celebrity haha.

  • Whats his name?

    • Well I can't say because then Ill say where I live lol sorry

    • lol come on now lets put an end to the whole Joke thing ok?

    • No it actually is a celebrity I am no troll XD I just have a LOT of connections within the music industry and my city and outlying cities happen to have a lot of talent

  • If you talk more and click yeah!

    • It sounds crazy because he is so famous but we suprisingly are very connected to eachother in many ways. I feel a may have a slight chance. And if not, then being good friends would be great :) All I know is that I want him in my life. He is so genuine and funny and sooo talented and unlike anyone else I know.

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    • I'll try not to, thanks again!

    • No problem :)

  • No. ------

    • Please explain?

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    • I wish you well. Even in the face of impending disappointment.

    • Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

What Girls Said 1

  • I am not sure. Maybe... It's unlikely though

    • Hopefully. Honestly I just at least want him as a good friend. I want him in my life.

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