Should I ask him if he is into me?

I have been having casual sex with this guy for about 4 weeks now and i never text or call him at all.. He always has to text me because i dont want him to think im a clingy girl after sex but lately he's been texting & snapchatting me saying flirty things. Like he misses me and wants me there and wants to see me etc. and he asked me to go to the movies Friday night with him. I don't know if he actually likes me or is just keeping me around for sex... Normally after sex we cuddle or chill in the jaccuzi then take a shower together and talk but i never think anything of it because ov course i know its JUST sex. But I don't know if he thinks the same... Should i ask him how does he feel or no? And how should i ask without coming off like i want a relationship


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  • In your situation, my recommendation would be to just keep enjoying each other's company for now. Four weeks is a little early to be talking about feelings, etc. Give it at least another month, then if you're still not sure where he stands, nobody would fault you for wanting to clarify where things are going.


What Girls Said 1

  • I believe you should ask him.


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