Sent a risky message and he hasn't replied. How do you think he'll react?

I’ve been seeing a guy for 2 months. Neither of us are seeing anyone else and we like each other, but I don’t think he wants anything serious (whether he just wants something physical I’m not sure, but he's only taken me out once, I haven’t slept with him.
He brought up how it’s been a couple of months and we haven’t had sex. I messaged him today and said that I want to be honest, I don't want to be a booty call but I like having fun with you, but I just need you to take me out as well because I need to be respected.
He hasn’t replied yet and I’m stressing that it was a bad move. But I was honest and I just want things to be chilled.
How do you think he’ll react? Especially if he is only looking for something physical
If he's not into it obviously I'll just move on but for the meantime it's out in the open
Okay he just replied and said:
i completely get you dont worry! i was just teasing you last night haha not a big deal 😃

I said lol it's nothing to do with anything you said last night, I just like honesty and simplicity :)
But I don't get his message. Does it mean he's keen or is it just a simple I know where you're coming from but I'm not keen?


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  • I think it's good that you didn't just conceid and have sex. You told him what you wanted and you were honest. If he likes you he will be patient and things could possibly work out. But if he just wants sex then I don't think he is gonna be happy.
    This is a good way to find out if he is serious :) just wait cause you can determine his answer! Just be prepared for either scenario :)

    • Thanks for your opinion :)
      We did go to the movies last week and he knows I really want to sleep with him but also that I'm a good girl lol
      Do you think if he wants something casual he would be keen, especially since he's waited 2 months? Or it would be too much effort

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    • He just replied and said
      i completely get you dont worry! i was just teasing you last night haha not a big deal 😃

    • Aha okay yeah yeah sorry but I'm not sure what he means by that. Just gonna have to wait or have a chat with him I think :)

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  • What happened next?


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