Guys, Why didn't he answer my call today when he called me last night? Did I scare him off?

Ok so I've had a couple of dates with this guy that went really well, he has been really attentive, noticing small details, he even said he's cooking for me on our next date. He has initiated all communication so far (starting with good morning texts and a few messages throughout the day), including last night when he called to chat. I sent him a sexy pic last night before bed, nothing too crazy, it showed my boobs in a sexy bra and you could see my lips but not my face. He didn't respond but he was in a rehearsal and I had said goodnight so didn't think too much about it. BUT, he said he'd call me after I finished class today and didn't. I was worried I scared him off with my pic (he says he loves my boobies so I thought he'd like it) so I gave him a call after class but he didn't answer. Did I scare him off? Do you think he lost interest between last night and now? I tend to over analyse (but my freakout stays on my end haha)
yep I was over analysing ^_^
It's all good, I don't need any more answers. We went on another date since and have the next one planned ^_^


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  • He thought you are a nice girl :) He thought you will have a future with him and when you send him that pic he thought you were with him just because you want to be with him

    • should I send him a message about it? I really like this guy but now I'm worried I gave him the wrong idea >.< my last two bfs loved pics like that and they were both serious relationships so I didn't think anything of it beyond it being a little cheeky fun (plus we've already slept together so it's not like he hasn't seen it)

    • If you slept together I think he did like the picture no problem.

  • He's probably very busy with that job of his! He'll call you back when he has sometime alone.


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