Is it true men only want girls there can't have?

Is it true many men only fall for a girl they can't have, whether its a family whom won't accept the girl (I don't mean to get married to but just don't like the girl), religion differences, the girl has a guy, etc.

Also I am in love with this guy and I want to become the girl he can't have. I want to be there but still not be there. But here is the problem he knows I love him. He ones told me that I love him more then everybody. Also I had lost my virginity to him (when we weren't together. We were together for a month). When we had sex he came the second he passed his head passed my hymen. I felt a pain once and she was done. It was not more then 30 sec. I don't think it going to help me trying to be unavailable if he knows I love him and that I gave him my virginity. But could there be some way I could try to be "the girl he can't get." I am overweight so I know I have to lose that. I reply to his text messages every time he rights (I know I shouldn't reply every time but I am afraid if I don't I might lose that connection) should I reply to the messages late. How should I act and talk around him. Any ideas or advice on how I could become the girl he can have ONLY.


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  • Please, please, please, do not this. This will not work. I promise you.

    Think about it: I text you because I love you, you're my girlfriend, I WANT to text you.

    You think that by not replying to my text, I'll be thinking "God, she's making me go crazy about her"? I won't. Guys won't. HE won't. We are thinking, "Wow, she's too busy for me/ she's probably ignoring me/ she's tired of me texting her, " while you're thinking "Yessss. Surely he is loving me NOW!" It won't work that way.

    Besides, when you already have a boyfriend, isn't it kind of silly to want to be "the girl he can't have"? Isn't it like having a wife saying I want to pretend like I'm still his fiancé?

    You mentioned you were over weight, but I don't know why! Lol. It was random. Are you thinking if you lose weight, you'll be on your way to being "that girl"?

    There's is no way you can become the girl he can't have, mainly because you are the girl he has. Your dating. This is a good thing. How many girls want to find good boyfriend or a boyfriend in general? You have one but you want to risk losing him in hopes that he feels like doesn't have You, but you want him to have you? Doesn't that sentence sound silly?

    I say again, please, please, please don't do this. You have a higher chance of ending up with no boyfriend than being "that girl he wants because he can't have." You'll only accomplish that in that

    he won't have you because the relationship was unneccessarily tampered with.


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  • Sometimes feeling like someone is a little out of reach can be an exciting and compelling feeling, but in general, I think it's a waste of time. Flirting is one thing, but keeping up games impedes real relationships. If a girl tried to make it seem like I couldn't have her, I'd get completely turned off and move on--many guys would be like me, but maybe some are different. I think the best strategy, if you really like someone, is to play it cool--not be too "romantic" or "in love", but not being so "cold" or "hard to get" either--just enjoy getting to know them and show your interest in a relaxed, low-pressure way.

  • first of all for me that is not true and second of all DONT SEND HIM THOSE MIXED SIGNALS! I aboslutely hate it when a girl does that I have no idea why you would want him but not want him in doing this you are torturing him if done succsesfully this kind of beheaviour won't win over your guy and I know it may sound ridiculous but just be straight forward with him and just be yourself when around him

  • I'm confused.

    Are you still dating this guy?


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