Those amongst you who like (slightly) older women (say max 3 to 4 years): what is it that attracts you about them?

Im trying to understand why a younger guy (23) would want to pursue a slightly older woman (26). I think it's cute, but you'd think all men of all ages want a younger gazelle. Because it's less common, i wonder why a younger man would be attracted to an older woman. Looks are obvious, but i would think there's a deeper, psychological reason to it (looking for mature figure, tenderness,..)? I'm really curious to know.
It's a serious question. Respect for women please. You were put in this world by one.
Note: slightly older women, not cougars.
Say, your age + 3.


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  • Because some guys are mature for their age and an older woman is a better match. Younger girls dont really interest me, even most of my friends are 5-10 years older.

    • Ok have you dated an older girl? sorry, it's a personal question, but i'm just curious :p.

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    • We were just a lot alike. Same twisted sarcastic sense of humor. Mostly I'm just very mature for my age, I usually get mistaken for being 25-30.

    • Well i hope you find a mature woman with twisted humor :) tx for the comment.

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  • Mother issues. The man who grows up without the nurturing love of a mother seeks it in the woman he dates.

    • So all women who date older men have daddy issues?

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    • Oh ok, im talking about a small age difference.

    • Apparantly the dude has some severe mommy issues. I just found out he's been dating an other woman besides me. Who, mention, is 20 years his senior and has 4 teen children. And i was unsure about our 3 years difference.. LOL. He's clearly fucked up. i was quite shocked actually when i found out. I think i'll be needing some time to get over this shit.

  • well she might be more mature, less baggage (well...), smarter, experienced, etc. There are a lot of good things about older women that younger women don't always have

    • Makes sense :) tx for commenting :)

  • She, in all likelihood, is more (s) experienced and more mature in the head.

    The young gazelle line made me chuckle :D :D

    • Hahaha but it's true!

  • Older women make me sick. Therefore I wouldn't date a woman who was older than me. there's nothing cute about that type of situation.

    • Not cougars, a girl who is say two years older than you.. you're 21, so a girl aged 23? And it's quite rude to say all older women make you sick. So you're momma makes you sick? Cause she's old? Have a little respect please.

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    • Be careful what you say. Life's a bitch. You could end up fucking grannies for a living.

      Mon dieu. Ca soulage..

  • under 26 i dont consider them women. they are girls. i date 26-30+ only.

    • Now i think about, i dont consider males under 25 as men. They are guys to me.

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