Whoa! hang on a minute! I thought you didn't like me!

OK, this is awkward. in middle school, I had tons of friends. everyone just loved hanging out with me.

high school. sucks! I lost every friend I had and I was not popular anymore. I'm not sure what happened.

jr year in high school, everyone of those "friends" are talking to me again. now let me back track... WHOA! I thought they hated me! they ignored me and ignored my phone calls and "HEYS" in the halls. now they are trying to buddy up to me again. what the hell happened? did I miss the friends again memo?


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  • The vast majority of the people you meet in high school are phony, just deal with it until you graduate and you'll find a lot less fakes once you get to college.


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  • Be polite to them, hang out with them casually, but out most of your energy into people who weren't d***s to you. Staying polite might be tough, but it will be best in the end. Having conflict with people will stress you out.

    In answer to your question, I wish I could tell you that this kind of weird, mean, animal-planet kind of behavior stopped at high school, but some people never grow out of it! Just grit your teeth, keep being polite to everyone, and find good friends who are not phony.