What do I do on a date like this?

I like a girl for about 2 years and I decided to confess to her. And I did it and I asked her out. She said nothing but she was smiling. After 3 hours she sends me a message that she kinda likes me too but she has a boyfriend. So I just moved on but I couldn't get her out of my mind. She was the first one to make me feel like she's the one. About 3 days ago she sends me a message asking me if I still want to go out with her and I said "Sure". I sked her if her boyfriend knows about our ''date'' and she said "No, we broke up, but that's not the reason I want to go out with you".

So what do I do? I mean, I still like her but I don't know what to talk about with her. She just broke up and talking about it might be a bit awkward. How do I act?


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  • Go out with her but don't wear your heart on your sleeve here, dear. She may or may Not be telling the whole truth about 'We broke up" and I find it weird that on this whim and a prayer, she Suddenly tells You------No, we broke up.
    Go slow with the flow. If she did happen to split with him, you may be a Rebound that she just wants to start with in spreading her wings with as part of the freedom Package. You never know, with a fresh Break up if she wouldn't fly back to him tomorrow and just leave you hanging.
    I don't find it 'Awkward," just don't over think everything if you plan on getting to know her more or want to have a good time in finding Out if there could Be... More in store in the future.
    Nurse and nurture what you possibly could have going on but don't get too hooked until you find out... how to Act on a situation like this one.
    Good luck. xx

    • Why would she lie about something like that?

    • I say this because it seems like just Out of the clear blue... About 3 days ago, and she has broken it off with him? xx

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