If you're just talking as friends how often should I text you?

i didn't think I was texting to much cause I only texted him hi in the morning and do you want to hang out and now he's not texting back but I didn't do it to much I think I only texted him that 2 times


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  • i'd say no more than 1 or twice a day , unless something important comes up or he is replying back to every text you send , if he's not replying it might be a clue to limit the texts to him

    • What? Why can't a girl text a guy friend more than twice a day?

    • XxSunshinexX - Because most men don't keep in touch that much with any of their friends, men or women. As ryanontario says if he's texting back then it's ok because it's like a conversation. But making contact in several seperate occasions is too much.

    • Not sure but the girls I was friends with at work and we'd actually hang out and party would like never text me , we'd talk but they'd never text me . guess they never saw the need as we always talked at work or at parties .

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  • Why the hell should we limit the number of texts we send?!

    This is unreal..

    Come one!

    Do whatever you feel is right for you..this kind of calculated tricks and games are so stupid.

    If he doesn't write back he is just someone that entered and exit your life, you will meet plenty more like that.

    Just be reasonable, but never, ever put a limit on what you feel or want just because some asshole doesn't know how to deal with a great girl!

    • Your right, but it seems relationships change according to technology. It's like, if they came up with holograms tomorrow, we would have to consider how we looked when we answered the phone. -...-

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  • he doesn't like you if he doesn't text you or call you back. trust me this is from experiance