Girls: when is a bad time for a guy to approach you?

I hear lots of inspiring stories about guys doing "cold approaches" and getting numbers, laid, relationships, etc etc. For the record, "cold approach" means walking up to a girl that you have no excuse to talk to, like a random girl at the coffee shop or waiting at the bus stop. NOT a girl from class or at the same concert as you.

So I've been wanting to try out cold approaching myself, i'm not overly forward and creepy like most guys out there, but i still wanted to ask, when is NOT an appropiate time you girls would want someone to come up to you and talk to you?

Sometimes I see girls walking alone to class (girls I've never seen before, ever), girls at the bus stop by themself, or sitting on the bus by themself, and i wonder if i should talk to them but im not sure how they feel about getting hit on in this situations.


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  • I think the times to not approach a girl is if she looks busy (listening to music, reading, talking to friends, studying). Sometimes you can tell by their expression whether they're up for a chat. If you talk to a girl, the best approach is to maybe make a comment about something and not be too forward like "I've always wanted to try the mocha frap. Is it good?" and if she gives a short response and looks/turns away, then it's a bad time. Hope that's somewhat helpful!


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