Does he like me or does he just see me as a friend?

We have been out on a couple dates now, have been hanging out, hooking up and talking for almost three months now. But the problem is that over those last 3 months we have been far from eachother because I'm away at school, about two hours away, but now I'm moving back to the city where he is in a week so we are going to be close by. So it was hard to see eachother, but we'd see eachother usually once a month. We usually talked a few times a week. I asked him what he thought about me recently and he saidhe thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and thinks we really hit it off. I have really started liking him and I would like to see where things could go, but I feel we need to spend more time together, ow we can. He just texted me 3 days ago saying he misses having me in town and planned a date for the day Im home. Im just confused if he likes me or not


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  • he totally likes u if he already planned a date


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