NO RESPONSE to texts in a FLIRTATIONSHIP. Is it because some girls string multiple guys along?

I understand some people in general are busy to respond to a text immediately, or have a flirty conversation. But what about friends who don't respond sometimes? And what about girls - say this one, who is really enthusiastic normally when you initiate, but doesn't initiate herself as much? When you leave it for a month, suddenly she sends a text?

What if she doesn't respond to a sweet message or gives a one word response to your bday wishes?

THIS IS ALL LONG DISTANCE by the way. So it's not like she's next door and you can go on a date tommorrow.

She seems so fun and damn she's hot. I guess she has loads of guys after her. But it felt like a connection when we text. Is she just busy sucking someone else off?
If we are friends, shouldn't it be a two way street of communication?

Is she just texting when she has nothing else to do and should I text her at all now? I feel like she has all the power now lol. I sent her a sweet text too.

Is she too busy sucking someone else off? How to make that me hehe?

Why do I feel so sad, is it because she is hot?


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  • I wouldn't say she's busy "sucking someone else off," but she probably has many guys that she's texting like she's texting you for sure. Since your relationship isn't real, the expectation that she'll be faithful to it is pretty big.

    • Lol I know, we're not dating each other, so I'm not expecting that she is even single. We're both free in that regard. I do feel a little let down in the non response though. I mean I stopped initiating cos it literally felt like I was doing it all the time. I LOVE talking to her, she is so enthusiastic and fun in her convos. Yes I do find her attractive as well, but I did feel something for some reason I can't explain. I would love to stay in touch, in case we visit each other. If I lived near her, I would chance it and ask her out I guess.

      The thing is she texted me a month after I stopped initiating. We had a good convo. Then I ended up initiating again a week later. Left it for months, she missed my bday, but I texted her on hers. She said thanks!

      I didn't say anything more, as I was worried. Then I texted her again a sweet message to see how she was. Nothing?

      So I guess she is not as great as I thought?

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    • I don't think she means to be "stringing" anyone along. She flirts when she's bored and because it feels good. Otherwise she's preoccupied with real life, and probably other guys who she is also flirting with. I don't know her so I can't tell you what she's doing, but it's not like she's sleeping/having relationships with multiple guys at once. You're reading far too into this for just a person you text long distance.

      You feel sad because she's likely one of the best looking girls that has given you attention in a long time (or ever). You see her as a potential girlfriend perhaps? But she sees this as fun. You don't live near each other, and lots of people text and flirt for fun. It's not meant to be hurtful or drag anyone along, you're just more invested in it than she.

    • Ok, so out of self respect, should I not text now until she texts me? (given she hasn't responded yet!)

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  • Flirtation ships are kinda pointless in my opinion. Maybe she's bored texting you and is more interested in people she sees in real life.

    • We did see each other in real life before each of us moved apart after uni for work reasons.

      I guess she does have plenty of people (at least guys) after her attention, so am I just one of many then? I mean it's ironic that she once mentioned it's hard to stay in touch with people. I agree, but you kinda have to reply to ppl!!!

      I mean I speak to many girls text wise as well, many are female friends. I show interest and reply though. I feel sad as to why with her I feel like I'm just left hanging all the time?

      It's confusing, cos she replies and we have these really fun convos where she's well enthusiastic. Then you get times like this where no response?

      Is she just busy with other guys then?

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  • Oh look there's a warning label "Not suitable for anyone who wants to get laid" Oh what do you know. Problem solved.

    • I don't get it?

      Pls clarify?

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    • I didn't mean that you should stop texting her or anything, I just mean that you shouldn't expect as much from it. People can get hurt expecting too much when in reality, there isn't even really there to begin with. Just be careful man with this girl.

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