Is it too late to ask her to prom?

So prom is one week from this Saturday and my stupid ass self held off and didn't ask this girl yet.

We don't really talk (we talked a couple of times at the beginning of the school year) but we know who each other are, and she's in my 2nd hour. I don't even know if she's going. Tomorrow is the last day to buy tickets and I just watched her walk out of the school 20 minutes ago. Didn't say a damn thing. So now I only have till tomorrow.

It's my senior year and I've never even gone to prom yet, or any other dances (with girls). I'm already regretting not asking her sooner and it's really pissing me off. I don't want to seem like a dick though either for asking her so late.

Is it too late?


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  • No screw it, ask her. Talk to her and just ask her... Don't do anything romantic or cheesy just ask her! Good luck


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  • No, one week is the time when like 50% of people ask.

    I'M the one who's outta luck, cause my prom is this Saturday. BUT, I might still ask my crush to her school's prom.

    And yeah, I haven't gone to a dance either. It kinda sucks not knowing.

    So no, not too late for you YET. But give her at least 3 days to get ready, at MINIMUM. Who knows if she has a dress or whatever.


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