Get the feeling I'm the back up girl?

I think he had something going before we started things but he offers excuses for days ahead of time he isn't available when I don't ask and we have a pattern of days down. If I'm right I'm confused about if he is jsut a player, still trying to decide between us and if that is the case he obviously was unhappy enough with her to go looking for more so if he is still keeping it going with her I'm probably not fitting the bill either.
  • Ask him if he is seeing other people?
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  • Ask him, even if he says no, the way he answers should be enough to know
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  • Don't ask him until you have proof
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  • This is normal if you haven't settle on a commited relationship
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  • Ask him if he is seeng other people, you have the right to know


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What Guys Said 2

  • My opinion, you should wait till you got some proof.

    • Thanks, can you please elaborate? If one isn't officially in a committed relationship you don't think it is a good idea to be like, 'oh by the way are you sleeping with any other people?'?

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    • ummm..., no? That is a complete invasion of privacy (the phone thing). But okay thanks fo rthe feedback it is always nice to have the male perspective as we really do think about things differently.

  • i guess u should do "A" basically

    • Why do you say I guess? I'm really interested in the male opinion here. I know if you are one of the guys practicing this kind of dating it is your goal to put the moment off as long as possible. But if the tables are turned you don't seem to have the same philosophy. Would you agree?

What Girls Said 1

  • You deserve to know if he's seeing other people for your health if nothing else.

    • Agreed- I'm asking this poll in response to a similar one a guy posted and all the male responders were like 'totally' but I see a lot of posts on here where guys are trying to get away with keeping multiple things going at once and keep them from 'finding out'. So curious what the responses would be about men doing the same. For me if we are sleeping together you better come out with that shit, I take care of my body so emotions aside that is not cool.

    • You can't judge everyone by how people on GaG act. Some guys are behind computer screens and talk about things they would like to do rather than what they would actually do to sound cool but they still know it's wrong. You just have to do the best you can in your life for you.

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